Guest Speakers

We're very excited to welcome a fantastic selection of Guest Speakers to Health, Wealth & Wellbeing 2021!

Stay tuned as more to be announced...

Stephanie Rice

Living by the motto, Be the Best You Can Be, Stephanie Rice, the three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Mentor and Entrepreneur, knows what it takes to reach the top. The youngest ever winner of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, Stephanie has always set big goals! 

In Stephanie’s moderated Q&A, she will share with you her daily health routines and practices that keep her in a state of peak health both, physically and emotionally. You will also hear about her journey to becoming an Olympic Champion and the challenges she endured, so you too can learn to alter your mindset to be one of mental high-performance.

After you hear from Stephanie in her Q&A, she will be walking you through her secret weapon, a guided visualisation. This is something Stephanie did every-night before winning her Olympic Gold Medal. Visualisation is an incredibly powerful mindfulness tool that everybody can use to create positive change and shape their life on their terms. 

Don’t miss Stephanie’s inspirational session and Meet & Greet!


Anthony Burke

Motivational Speaker, Coach, MC & Celebrant

No matter the event, Anthony will captivate any audience and inspire them to be the best that they can be. 

With a natural ability to empower others, bringing passion and enthusiasm to the room, we can't wait to have Anthony as our event MC!

Motivate - Empower - Inspire!


Cody Kennedy

Director - CK Health & Wellbeing

Anxiety is a normal emotion; its when it becomes overwhelming, limiting and all-consuming that it's a problem.

Cody Kennedy, award winning Naturopath from CK Health will deliver this talk on anxiety, she will give you actionable steps to take to address this sometimes crippling condition.

Cody is an expert in her field and will be talking on different aspects of how to manage anxiety in safe, natural, measured and achievable ways.

"If you have found medications are not the answer, your anxiety is impacting your health and you know something needs to change, then there are simple lifestyle changes you can easily make to quieten the anxious mind."

You will walk away with PRACTICAL THINGS you can do to reduce your own symptoms be less anxious and feel better!


Corryne Parkhill

Sous Chef - Elysia Wellness Retreat

Corryne Parkhill has been delivering incredible nutritional experiences within the wellness industry for over 15 years. Corryne formed an integral part of the kitchen at the renowned, award-winning Golden Door Health Retreat, Hunter Valley since its inception in 2004, where she honed her specialty culinary skills and saw her passion for healthy eating flourish.

Having young children of her own cultivated a passion for connecting with parents and children, and Corryne understands that knowledge shared in the home is powerful. She sees the value in sharing easy and simple ways to embrace healthy cooking to empower the younger generation to explore and enjoy eating well.

Now, as Elysia Wellness Retreat’s Sous Chef, Corryne is passionate about delivering memorable experiences every week, preparing delicious, health-focussed meals across the retreat and by educating guests on how to appreciate food as medicine. Corryne loves feeling that she is a positive part of many health journeys and can help people make simple, powerful changes at home in their own kitchens.

Join Corryne for cooking demonstrations to take the stress out of eating healthy.


Dan Marshall

Owner - CoreFit Newcastle

Over the past 14 years, Dan and his team at CoreFit Newcastle have had the privilege to help over 1000 take their health and fitness to the next level.

Along the way CoreFit Newcastle has won multiple awards and featured on Foxtel’s Industry Leaders, Channel 9, Newcastle Herald, Hit 106.9 radio and ABC radio.

“In 90 days, I help parents lose up to 10 kilos and keep it off so they can age vibrantly with confidence and comfort …without fad diets or hours of endless cardio.”


Janelle Kirk

Senior Financial Adviser - Newcastle Financial Planning Group

Ask any Financial Adviser when the best time to start planning for your future is & they will answer “yesterday”.

Setting yourself financial goals and objectives when you are just starting out can set the scene for bigger and better options later in life; and with the cost of living and the house prices increasing, understanding your finances is not just beneficial but necessary.

With over 40 years’ experience in the Financial Services industry, Janelle Kirk has helped her clients, both young and old, achieve their goals and plan for a better tomorrow.

Janelle will identify which of the financial milestones you should be achieving in your 20s, 30s & 40s so that you have the financial means to live your best life.


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